Individual Sessions In Person or via Skype

I provide Individual coaching and IST sessions tailored to each person's individual needs. IST sessions can go very deep and touch a person at their core. Coaching can be tailored for practical goals or specific life issues. For more details on each, please refer to the relevant page.


IST stands for Inner Space Techniques

These are a range of therapeutic processes that take you inside, to look for the causes of what's blocking you. Limited beliefs, attitudes and emotional programming. Read More


Embodiment based coaching sessions tailored to the individual's needs, allow you to solve any topical problems or create a plan for the future.. Read More

' I feel like my whole life has changed. This is my first session but I will definitley be back for more. The possibilities seem endless.'

May, London

'Eva helped me overstand the way in which my existence works in the Universe we live in. Within 2 hours she helped me phase up into a completely new level of awareness and consciousness. There is no way in which I could ever repay her for this incredible effect she has had on me.'

Jason Grant, CEO UX Coach

"Eva's intuitive understanding of the ISIS process leads to some great energetic and emotional openings. This facilitates a profound space of self-exploraion and healing. This is real transformation work, tangible and measurable.

Chris, London

About Me

Eva is an IST Practitioner, mathematician, meditator, author, artist and musician. She has a Phd in Mathematics, and has been working with the Clairvision School of Meditation on self development, meditation and other energetic techniques for 15 years.

Some Thoughts

Our emotions and self-worth need to be separated from each other. When we are identified with our emotions, our self-worth is tied up in them. It should instead come from our core.

When getting in touch with our sensitivity, sometimes a person would make an identity out of this, and a virtue of not being able to handle certain things. This is not helpful. While sensitivity is vital, we need this part of ourselves, as it is the stepping stone to our Ego or Higher Self, it is closer to who we are than other parts. We are also in the process of developing subtle bodies that can handle shit. Sitting in and being neurotic about stuff we can't handle is not the way of an initiate.

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