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What does it mean to be authentic?

When you can come in every moment from within yourself. When you can feel and know inside what is true for you right there and then, and honour this. And not be afraid to share this, to articulate it, and act on it, and own it. I may disappoint others, or may seem like you are whimsical. They won't understand where you're coming from. They may judge you. But all this will not bother you. you are uncompromising in honouring your truth.

And it's not because you don't care, you care deeply. And it's not because you're being defensive in protecting your rights.

It is because you know that by dishonouring yourself, by not following what feels right in the moment, you would be coming from fear, and as such you would not be doing anyone a service, even if momentarily it would appear so.

you would be agreeing to something you don't want to do out of obligation, and do it with dissent in your heart. You would say yes when you meant no, because you're afraid of what someone might think, all the while harbouring resentment towards both yourself and this other person out of some false sense of kindness.




It is not kindness to come from a lie. If you go to a party and hate being there, you won't be good company. It won't be genuine and won't be real.

Is this possible to achieve? Yes when you reside in the core of your being, and are no longer a slave to fear, you realise that you don't owe anyone anything.

Then you're free.


About Me

Eva is an IST Practitioner, mathematician, meditator, author, artist and musician. She has a Phd in Mathematics, and has been working with the Clairvision School of Meditation on self development, meditation and other energetic techniques for 15 years.

Some Thoughts

Our emotions and self-worth need to be separated from each other. When we are identified with our emotions, our self-worth is tied up in them. It should instead come from our core.

When getting in touch with our sensitivity, sometimes a person would make an identity out of this, and a virtue of not being able to handle certain things. This is not helpful. While sensitivity is vital, we need this part of ourselves, as it is the stepping stone to our Ego or Higher Self, it is closer to who we are than other parts. We are also in the process of developing subtle bodies that can handle shit. Sitting in and being neurotic about stuff we can't handle is not the way of an initiate.

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