Trig Triangles

Trig Triangles


These triangles seem to be exactly the same, and the coloured shapes are exactly the same. So how come there is an empty square in the second one?

The key to this lies in examining the slopes of the red and dark green triangles. For the dark green one, for 5 horizontal steps you rise by two steps and for the red, 8 horizontal steps gets you a rise of three.

As 2/5 is not the same as 3/8, the red and green triangles have different slopes.

This means that the green one is steeper than the red one, and if you look more carefully, you can see that the sloping side of thetop triangle 'bends' slightly inwards, while that of the bottomone looks like it 'bends' outwards. Therefore neither of the sloping sides are straigt lines.

The top triangle is thinner, while the bottom one is 'fatter', and this 'fatness' is where the area from the square went hiding.

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Our emotions and self-worth need to be separated from each other. When we are identified with our emotions, our self-worth is tied up in them. It should instead come from our core.

When getting in touch with our sensitivity, sometimes a person would make an identity out of this, and a virtue of not being able to handle certain things. This is not helpful. While sensitivity is vital, we need this part of ourselves, as it is the stepping stone to our Ego or Higher Self, it is closer to who we are than other parts. We are also in the process of developing subtle bodies that can handle shit. Sitting in and being neurotic about stuff we can't handle is not the way of an initiate.

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